Stress Relief Experience

Reset Me has built an experience for you.

What We Do

We offer you an experience
that releases you from stress. Here is the process!

Step one

Disconnect from your phone & your daily social media feed.

Step Two

Leaving the every day stresses of the city life behind and connecting with nature at its best.

Step Three

Arouse your mind and senses through exciting activities all the way from hiking to water skiing.

The hard work is taken care of.

Job, traffic, work deadlines, stress, phones, technology, meetings, sleepless nights... Stops Here!

Welcome to Reset Me.
Reset Me is where we leave all our daily struggles and stresses at the door. When you first arrive at the resort, your guide will give you a tour of the Reset Me property.
When we go out for our daily activities we recommend leaving our phones at the resort, so you can fully enjoy the experience uninterrupted.

No matter the weather we have an activity for any situation. Leave scheduling and timing in our hands.
Live in a peaceful chalet located in plain nature.
Separate yourself from work and social media stress.
Connect with nature and let it reset your mind and body.


Here at Reset, we have and array of different activities to choose from. All the way from siting around a peaceful camp fire or relaxing in our outdoor jacuzzi to adrenaline rushing activities.

  • Karting
  • Side by Side (ATV)
  • Kayak / Paddle Board
  • Paintball
  • Air Gliding
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Reset Me Side by Side ATV OffroadingReset Me Side by Side ATV Offroading


The chalet is made for extreme comfort. Here we accommodate:

  • 4 acres of private land
  • Indoor & Outdoor fireplace
  • 5 luxurious beds
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi at your disposal
  • Access to Lac Superior
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What we Offer

Here at Reset Me, we manage your day.
We accommodate you with a luxurious wooden chalet and with many additional activity options.

You choose what you would like to do, then we arrange it for you.

Wooden Chalet

$ 500 / night

(2 to 7 people)

5 luxurious beds

Indoor & Outdoor


& More


ATV rental

$ 325 / ATV

Paddle-Board rental

$ 70 / board

Kayak rental

$ 70 / kayak


$ 24.99 / person

Air Gliding

$ 149 / 20 min
(per person)

Karting (GoKart)

$ 90 / 30 min

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Live a mind clearing experience.
Clear your mind and disconnect from the city. Release yourself from stress.